VSTBridge app in C12?

Is there any way to use the VSTBridge App in C12? It worked perfectly in C11.
Too bad Steinberg doesn´t let us use this App. I don´t mind being responsible for it.

Downside is that it costs money, but DDMF’s MetaPlugin is a great 32-bit to 64-bit VST bridge in addition to being generally useful.

JBridge working perfectly for me in Cubase 12

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Thanks AtariBoy, but the old Quadrafuzz and MB-compressor don´t work in JBridge.

Thanks Wombat. Does this program also supports the old Quadrafuzz?

That’s a shame :slightly_frowning_face:

and for me too apart from SessionDrummer which I use DDMF BridgeWize instead for that pluging which was same for previous Cubase 11