VSTBridge connection lost

I am using Cubase Artist 8 64bit on Windows 7 65bit and everything was perfect.
All my 32bit and 64bit instruments were working fine.

Last week I saw that Cubase 8 had a update (8.0.20) and I’ve just had time today to update and maybe do a little recording.
Loading Cubase is fine and loading The Grand is fine and Halion Symphonic is fine.

I loaded two of my favourites which I have used for years (NI FM7 and NI FM8) and they load up then suddenly stop and I get this message.

“VSTBridge connetion lost.
Please load the previous of this project to restore lost settings of bridge plug-ins,
Disable incompatible plug-ins if possible”

Its never done that since the update so is this because,
The update has messed with my saved setup (I always make a full setup and work from that).
The update messed up my FM7/8.
The update just broke my Cubase.

I’m sure some logic is out there and it may mean that I need to make another setup save.

I just hope I do not have to reinstall everything again. :frowning:

Any help will be much appreciated.


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I’m guessing the Steinberg forum is not the best place to post problems about Steinberg? :unamused: