vstbridge improvements?

Is the vstbridge working properly in C6 or do we still need to use Jbridge?

Holding off upgrading until 64bit works better natively with older 32bit plugins. I hope work has been done in this department.


Really need a working native bridge fully funtional. The translation from 32 to 64 is very slow and today there is still new plugins launched every day in 32 bit format only.

Just use JBridge…it works flawlessly on nearly 99% of all 32-bit plugs. That said: DEVELOPERS- I and many other will not buy anything new from you in 2011 if it is not in 64-bit.

yes, I agree, but the transition as I have said is long and not all plugins will end its 64-bit version ever. I do not think the solution given by a professional team is to seek help in another manufacturer. Jbridge is very efective but not in 99% and can not force manufacturers to left 32 bit plugins when Steinberg itself continues to offer the 32-bit version of Cubase. :wink:

it hasn`t improved, actually it has gone worse than before in 6.0.3, and no improvements are planned for 6.0.4 as well. no need to improve it, steinberg thinks.