VstBridge Over Troubled Water

this one is dedicated to ReverbA 32bit ,thanks.

Hi polgara, love your playing and your singing, and your recording. I keep thinking I’m not supposed to comment on covers, but it sounds really good to me.

Very classy sound, beautifully captured acoustic in particular.

I love the amended title.


yep soz about the cover but thanks for the listen anyway Leon ,glad you like the version

thanks very much Steve for the kind words.
ha ha the title ,just glad i got ReverbA back,the other reverbs were … better stop there.

Great stuff. Buckets of great, A.

I liked the fact I could hear the “official”
chords that got lost in the original S&G recording.

One of the first songs I ever learned to play.
Man, you got me all misty now.

cheers Jet, glad you like my version .from memory i thought the amount of reverb on the vocals i used was about the same as the original but after listening to the original…gulp!! i must have thrice as much at a conservative guess, oh well.

Funny about that, cuz after listening to your version here
I at once re-listened to the original. Reverb? Beyond reverb man!
Like…they reverbed the reverb. Then sent THAT to reverb! :laughing:

Roy Halee.

actually you are right jet there is tons ,the difference is ,their reverb is a mono signal keeping it under control as regards the whole stereo field . still beautiful song, Art sounds like an angel , in my head it is a hymn .