VSTC Performer Video Hosting Issues

Been meaning to bring this up for a while. The addition of hosted video in VSTCP is pretty great, but it’s got some issues.

  1. A video offset can be entered to sync VSTCP timecode with the video timecode, but if your Cubase session starts at ANY other time than the movie start time, the movie will not be in sync with Cubase and VSTCP

  2. The bar/beats display on the video is not in sync with Cubase and VSTCP and seems to display bars from time=0 regardless of the start time of Cubase. In other words, VSTCP correctly displays Bars/Beats from Cubase, but the hosted video overlay does not.

  3. When selecting bars/beats for the hosted video overlay, the Time Code overlay disappears.

Here’s the video showing these issues:

Looking forward to having VSTCP usable for remote scoring sessions sometime in the near future. It’s almost there!

My guess is frame rate. Can you check with a different video (25 or 30 fps for instance)?
There may be a problem with drop frames, we are investigating.

Found one more problem with the local Performer video start time. Fixed with next version as well.
Also the item “Video File Offset” will be renamed to “Video File Start” because that’s what it actually is.
Time/Bars display is a different issue though, as said, my guess is frame rate, give it a try and let us know. We’ll get there :slight_smile:

Framerate is 23.98fps in Cubase and in the film. VSTCP is set to 24fps. That would only matter every 1 sec though.

With Bars/Beats overlay I can’t see how frame rate would be the issue. Even if the movie and Cubase project start at the same time of 00:59:30:00, the Bars/Beats is showing something like 2000. This is obviously way off and my guess is that the Bars/Beats is showing the number of bars from 00:00:00:00 regardless of what the actual Cubase start time is.

Note that the VSTCP bars/beats is ALWAYS correctly synced with Cubase. Can the video overlay simply show the Bars/Beats showing at the top of VSTCP?