VSTconnect.. bug, file nightmare.. client loss !

The thing is called “PRO” and just like “REVOLUTION” it’s a key word for people to waste money.
i had a comedian in a country, a director in another to record voice over for a movie.
Not beeing able to stream the movie you work on is already “not pro”. Really who cares for the webcam… if you want to see the face of your musician, comedian, any zoom, google meet does the job better ! (share screen , windows etc…)
Not beeing able to have more then 2 people on the network is also a “not pro” issue". i mean… what “pro” situation involves YOU and your musician ? this is called “indie”… “homemade”… “work in progress” what ever but not “pro”. pro is a client, a producer who ALWAYS want’s to hear, comment…

Now these 2 things are missing but the main problem with vstconnect “pro” is … the bugs !
i had a 2h session (using google meet so i could have the director invovle) and i recorded files. all went ok. after 2h the director said “so all good… we finished are you happy with the sounds” i couldn’t find the way to tell him that i just realised that some files were blank !
i didn’t realise this while recording. all went ok files comming in, fast edit the region to see if they fit the images… moved on.
but i think the “get HD files” thing didn’t work well. Some files are called record_11 the record_11 (HD) then record_11 (HD)(HD) up to record_11 (hd)(hd)(hd) some are blank, some in the vst connect are marked “offline”
night-mare !
oh wait… that 's not all. Regions in nuendo are totally F*ed up. If i move a region, it “skips” to a weird position (never saw that) i try to duplicate the track i recorded all regions disappears. some regions are at wrong position…
basically i asked the comedian at the other end to copy all files from his folder (including some very convenient naming like “vstc_200617_172238”= i will now waste the afternoon sync all manually…

i know people on forum ask to be calm… patient, no need to swear. but when you put your business at risk because how poorely a “pro” thing is designed really there’s nothing else to say then F* this thing ! When you see how amazing soft like soundwhale is, all the advanced features, really i would not hesitate to buy that if only i had a mac !!!

why not record in FLAC in VSTperformer ? faster to upload no ?

Hi, that does sound like an extremely painful experience.

After much troubleshooting I’m having relatively pain free success using it commercially for both recordings and mix reviews.

I too had the headache of HD files turning up either blank or being placed further up the timeline, out of sync etc.

What seemed to cure that was finally understanding that it only works (HD import) if the project start time is set to ‘zero’ in project settings. Sync then works.

This is just one element of a range of things that can help deliver a more predictable result.

Has it still got a way to go, well yes, but certainly on the right track with a great dev team.

By the way you can use soundwhale with google chrome on PC

  • video streaming: in beta test now but restricted due to legal issues
  • multi-client: also planned but the claimed purpose is recording one
  • using google meet: that is a problem, you shouldn’t, it has been explicitly mentioned not to use any internet/streaming in parallel
  • “i will now waste the afternoon sync all manually” - you don’t have to. Have Performer send the folder with the project name and apply “Get Local HD files” (do not log in).
  • FLAC is also in the making, but files are compressed anyway during “Get HD”.
  • “Regions in nuendo are totally F*ed up”: I guess you made extensive edits, lanes etc during recording. While VST Connect supports basic editing, lanes or complex editing are not preserved when applying “Get HD files”.
  • “F* this thing” - your choice

Great news re the upcoming features :+1::grin: