VSTConnexns finds Audio Device on O/P tab but NOT on I/P tab

Cubase 5 - MAudio Delta 1010LT soundcard problem:

Have recently changed soundard from ‘MAudio Audiophile 2496’ to the ‘MAudio Delta 1010LT’.

The 2496 worked perfectly for years.

Uninstalled the 2496 then installed the 1010LT as per instructions - Install latest drivers first then insert sound card.

All sound programs (Windows Media Player / SoundForge etc.) working OK both input and output (SPDIF)
Input and output levels on soundcard control panel visible and OK.
MAudio Delta drivers selected on ‘Device Setup’ page in Cubase.
Sound output in Cubase OK with ‘audio device’ column and ‘port’ column showing on ‘VST Connections Output’ tab- am able to add and remove busses fine.

BUT - ‘Audio Device’ column on ‘VST Connections Inputs’ tab NOT showing, therefore not able to get any audio into Cubase. Have tried removing all busses and adding new ones but no success.

However - The ‘External Instruments’ tab DOES show the ‘Audio Device’ column and I can select the L+R SPDIF inputs - BUT even when I do this these 2 SPDIF inputs show as ‘INACTIVE’ on the Device setup page yet inputs 3 and 4 show as ACTIVE - even though I haven’t activated them anywhere?

Please help?