VSTGUI 3.6 Custom CControl - No MouseUp event fired

Using the latest VSTGUI code. Custom Control created from CControl, It seems that the MouseUp event is not always fired. While debugging found hat it is NEVER send if there was a movement between the press and release of the mouse. In this case it is not possible to change the color’s control based on the mouse up and down status. Tried to use the MouseEnter event but this is also send on a movement, which I do not wish to use for a mouse release.

Please read https://github.com/steinbergmedia/vstgui/wiki/View-system-overview on how to handle mouse events.

Many thanks ! I did follow those requirements but it wasn’t sufficient to make this work.
After looking at vstcontrols.cpp found the clue. It works now :smiley:.
P.S My apologies to post this in the wrong forum.