VSTGUI 4.11 released

VSTGUI 4.11 is released: Release Release Version 4.11 · steinbergmedia/vstgui · GitHub

The biggest change is that on Windows the rendering is now done via DirectComposition.
In combination with one or more CLayeredViewContainer it is now possible to reduce redraw overhead by placing views which needs fast repaints into its own layer so that the background don’t need to be redrawn. This now works the same as on macOS.

The other big change is in regards of user event handling. The event handling was completely redone so that observing and handling of events can be done at any point in the view hierarchy in a predictable way without creating custom view classes.


That sounds very interesting. Could you provide an example on how do you set it up (or point me to a documentation that explains it)?


By registering a view event listener you get all events for a view and you can decide if the event should continue to propagate thru the view hierarchy or not.

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