VSTGUI 4.2, attached() method is not being called


Today I was trying to get a project ready to update to VSTGUI 4.5, as Linux support is of interest to me. As suggested, I worked on getting my code to compile properly which VSTGUI_ENABLE_DEPRECATED_METHODS=0.

One change I had to make was in how I created my CFrame:

//frame = new CFrame(editorSize, ptr, this);	// THE OLD STYLE
frame = new CFrame(editorSize, this);		// THE NEW STYLE

After changing to this new way of creating my CFrame, I noticed that when I add views, the CView::attached() method is no longer called immediately. Is there a way for me to get the old behavior back and have the attached() method called right away?

I figured it out, I just needed to call frame->open(ptr) after creating my frame.