VSTGUI 4.3 controller addDependentView

In VSTGUI 3.6 I used addDependentView in the controller to add the view (send as the argument) to an Tarray and used this to make a call to update editor in the controller setParameterNormalized function. Apparently in VSTGUI 4.3 addDependentView and removeDependentView are not called anymore ?

addDependentView is not part of VSTGUI nor part of the SDK. If I look thru the example sources, it is used in again. So I suspect that you just copied that code and adapted it to your needs. Maybe you did something wrong by adapting it, but without seeing your code it’s impossible to tell.


Those functions are listed as “internal” functions in the again examples. All they do is add/remove a view from a list of views in the controller, so that they can be updated when there is a change in the parameter values. There are better ways to approach that than the again examples use, including the uidescription layer that handles that sort of thing for you when it builds the UI.

Well, I assumed the examples in the SDK to be “references” for a correct development build of a VST. If that’s not the case, and again is using ways it should not, what would be a “correct” sample implementations ? I don’t have experience yet with uidescription, what is a good reference how the right things should be done right ? P.S: Perhaps updating again in a next release of the SDK would be an idea.

I actually traced this back to that in VSTGUI 4.3 this function was not called but in VSTGUI 3.6 it was, without any major changes to this part of the controller, I guess something must have been changed but due to the many changes that were needed for the transition from 3.6 to 4.3, I am not sure something else cause it, but so far I looked I could not find much.

I am probably making my life difficult by taking the way of most resistance by sticking to the pure VST3 SDK than using 3rd party derived kits that use the SDK. (Which ask license fees for commercial use) but I believe sticking to the VST guarantees more future compatibility and real time upgrades to the last SDK as well is a better way to learn the inside and outs.

Anyway, I found another way to get the reference to a view in the controller and I can update the editor controls again and works fine in DAWs (Also in Cubase 9 which I just purchased)