VSTGUI 4.3 in a project targeting Apple Silicon: possible?

I’d really like to keep some projects with the old 4.3 version of VSTGUI but I must port them to Apple Silicon.

Can VSTGUI 4.3 be used for this without crazy modifications to the sdk?


Nope. But updating your code to work with the latest VSTGUI should work without too much difficulties. I just did the same for an old plug-in and it took me one hour to adopt to the current version.

Thanks! It is already converted to 4.10 but the only issue looks like we are not getting offline contexts working right. Not a big problem, we’ll replace that with something else while we understand what is wrong.
The example in the source code (case 2) to draw to an offline context and save the bitmap for later use (->remember) is working perfectly on 4.3 but not on 4.10 anymore.
Actually we cannot even refer to the newly created offline context, the program crashes as soon as we try to refer to it.