VSTGUI 4.9 win32 -- UI going black when views are updated offscreen

The issue only manifests on Windows and only if a view is being updated while it’s completely offscreen.

I was able to stop the UI from going black by commenting out renderTargett->clear(); on line 393 of d2ddrawcontext.cpp.

Here’s a video showing the issue, and how commenting out that line fixes the issue. If I leave that line commented out, am I going to experience any unwanted surprises?

void D2DDrawContext::clearRect (const CRect& rect)
	if (renderTarget)
		CRect oldClip = getCurrentState ().clipRect;
		setClipRect (rect);
		D2DApplyClip ac (this);
		//renderTarget->Clear (D2D1::ColorF (1.f, 1.f, 1.f, 0.f));
		setClipRect (oldClip);

Looks like changing line 388 to make sure the rect has width and height is a better soltuion:

if (renderTarget && rect.getWidth() > 0 && rect.getHeight() > 0)