VSTGUI: "Open in Editor" button

I don’t know if this is a new thing with the latest 3.7.5, but after compiling one of my plugins with 3.7.5 I noticed that there is now a permanent button at the top left of the plugin to “Open in editor”.

This button ends up hiding parts of my plugin…

How do I get rid of it?

build the release version…

@Arne_Scheffler I knew you were going to say that… but when you work on your plugin, you don’t build a release version… you are working on it. And now this button is preventing accessing some functionality of the plugin while I am working on it… It should at the minimum be an option…

Are we talking about the 10x20 rectangle on the left top of the editor?
We did some tests with newbies and one of the problems for them was to open the UI editor. This is the result of making this more accessible.
I can add an option for the next release to not add the button.

Yes I am talking about this rectangle (+ distracting animation on start)

I 100% agree with the fact that for newbies it is not easily discoverable. But for some use cases (like having something in this area) it is actually not good to have it. I also have another use case when I give a debug build to a user to troubleshoot an issue and I don’t want to make it easy for the user to get into the edit mode (because it is hard to exit it when you are not familiar with it).

So it is totally cool to have an option that is “on” by default for the newbie case, but we should be able to turn it off.


It’s just this single line you can remove to get rid of the button until the next release.