VSTi autosave junk in .cpr causing long save times?

Alright, I’ve seen people mention the super long save times, but I can’t find if anyone’s figured it out yet.

The problem with the long save times has to do with saving VSTi patches somehow. I experience it when I tell Reaktor to autosave a local copy. If I have 5 or 6 instances of Reaktor, obviously the save time is increased due to saving all those ensembles along with the project.

Easy, just power off the instrument and remove it from the project, right?

Unfortunately, the save time is not reduced after removing the VSTis that were previously autosaving. It seems like Cubase ends up with a bunch of autosave data in the .cpr from VSTi patches, but doesn’t clean that data out when the VSTi is removed from the project. My current project .cpr is 27mb and there are no VSTis… it’s a modestly sized project in terms of audio material, but it shouldn’t be anywhere near 27mb with what I have in it.

I’m completely guessing here, but this is the only time it ever happens to me. I currently have a project open with all autosaving VSTis removed from the rack so there’s nothing there, and the project is taking ~2 minutes to save. I’ve backed up the project to new folder (sans VSTis), same issue. The .cpr has gotta be full of unnecessary autosave junk.

Anyone else have experience possibly with other VSTi autosaving causing this behavior?

I know this is from a long time ago, but I’ve struggled with the same problem before and had the same problem again until I realised today what caused the problem. Comodo Internet Security was interfering in some way. I uninstalled Comodo just now (after spending hours removing vst’s one by one to no avail), and the problem has disappeared - back to normal fraction-of-a-second save times.