VSTi Forgetting settings [FM8]


Cubase seems to be forgetting to save the current VSTi settings for FM8

I create 4 tracks - each with their own FM8 and a different sound each

Some of the sounds are edited.

On reloading the project

  • all the FM8’s play the default ‘New Sound’ single sine wave sound

completely ignoring the chosen preset and the edits

as thought it’s not writing these edits to memory.

Has anyone else got the same problem?


Yes, same problem!
OSX 10.6.8, Cubase 7.0.1 64bit, FM8 1.3


I’m now fairly sure this is an FM8 problem.
Activate the Program List - and copy the sound to the program list - and C7 (win7) now remembers the correct sound.
It still ignores any dynamic changes - so any edits need to be re-saved in FM8 before saving the project.