Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?

In my system (OS X - 2013 Mac Pro Trash Can) it seems that if you have a disabled Virtural Instrument Track in your project, that trying to freeze another Virtual Instrument causes CP8 to crash 100% of the time. I even tried making a blank session with 2 VSTi tracks. Disabled one of them and when I tried to freeze the other…crash.

A friend on Windows said they aren’t experiencing this. Can any other Mac users corroborate this finding?

It’s been confirmed and is slated to be fixed in the 8.0.20 release that is probably coming soon now.

Yes. It is an confirmed issue but for me it is also happening in Windows 7 64 bit. I want to RIP and disable my vsti and Freeze some audio channels but this is impossible. I get an error message. sometimes wonder if the most basic things are tested before release.