VSTi Inserts + MIDI-in on AudioTracks = VSTi Recording

First part of this idea is here:

This would be a quick way for someone to be able to record the output of VSTi right away if they just want to “commit to tape” on the fly.

AS far as I know, the only way to do this is to set up a “dead patch” output in F4 VST Connections, send the VSTi out to it, then create an audiotrack that has its input set as the “dead patch” output which is therefor no longer dead.

As an additional option, there could be a feature within the MIDI section of the audio track, that allows the MIDI to be recorded to a new track just in case… This is essentially reversing the process we typically know with MIDI for the purpose of diversifying workflow choices.

It would be easier if we can send output of instrument tracks directly to the input of an Audio track and record it from there whitout creating a group or aux or bus.