VSTi Instruments losing sound after a minute or two

I’ve got a new computer, Win 10, latest Cubase 11, UAD Apollo 8 sound card.
When running Cubase projects (tried both old and new) Halion SE works as should for a minute or two, and then goes completely silent. Does not matter if I play or record, it just goes completely silent, and the sound does not return. I’ve tried other VSTi (Labs from Spitfire) and the same thing happens and so it’s not unique for Halion. However the drum VSTi Grove Agent runs without any problem at all at the same time and in the same projects. The same goes for when I tried Superior Drummer 3, no problem at all. The MIDI tracks looks as should, still records signal and shows it plays in the interface, but no matter what I do no sound. When I click with mouse on the VSTi keyboards, all looks as should but still no sound. The volume is up on both channel and instrument. If the drums would be silen too or if the VSTi instruments didn’t give sound for a short while, it would be less strange but this… got me a bit without a clue.

I’ve tried unchecking ASIO guard as well disabling all Preferences, but neither solved the issue.

Any suggestion on solution would be greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Please, make sure you have no any plug-in in Trial/Demo mode.

Thank you Martin.
And thanks for your suggestion, however none of the plugins used are in Trial/Demo mode.


Even not just installed?

Do you mean if there’s any plugins in Demo/Trial installed on the computer? Even if not used in project?

Do you have ‘Suspend VST 3 plug-in processing when no audio signals are received’ activated in the program preferences (VST/Plugins)?
I had a similar problem with some VST3 plugins (no VSTi though, only FX) and almost lost my mind about it…
Steinberg recommends to leave this deactivated and I probably activated it some day out of curiosity.

Thanks for your suggestion.
No, that’s unchecked and so that’s not it.
Wish it was tough and that was the solution, this drives me crazy .


Is it the same, if you increase the Buffer Size?

Hi Martin,
Thanks for your suggestion, but unfortunately yes. (It was already quite high).
But here’s something I discovered that might give a clue perhaps. In the main program menu under MIDI at the bottom there’s the option “Reset”. When I click that, Halion gives sound again - but goes silent again at the same place over and over when I play the project I use for troubleshooting. Same thing when playing my midi keyboard (not recording or playing recorded midi), after clicking reset Halion gets it sound back and I play for half a minute or so and then it goes silent. When doing this I can’t find a pattern that repeats itself (neither which keys played or time played both varies a bit).
Does that give you any clue?


Isn’t there MIDI CC7 or MIDI CC11 involved at the place?

Hi again,
Sorry, I’m not sure how I check that?
Could that be even when just playing my keyboard to Halion?


It depends on the instrument. But yes, HALion works with these MIDI CCs.

To check it, open the MIDI Part in Key Editor or List Editor and show the given MIDI CCs.

Thanks Martin, can’t see any use of MIDI CC data on the MIDI track.
Could it be possible the keyboard sends some kind of “wrong data” that blocks sounds, and that gets recorded (since the recorded data seems to go silent at the same point each time)? Do you know what reset is clearing that makes the sound audible again? Or perhaps that a lot of things that gets reset?


It might happen, the MIDI Keyboard sends the MIDI CC at the moment, when you are not recording. Therefore the CC7 or CC11 has not been recorded, but the track is affected, of course.

The Reset menu option sends some common “reset” values to all MIDI and Instrument tracks. Like

  • MIDI CC7, value 100
  • MIDI CC11, value 127
  • MIDI CC10, value 64
  • etc.

Open a MIDI monitor via the MIDI inserts for one of those tracks, and watch which signals are being sent to the track as you play. Sounds like a MIDI CC misfire to me also.

I had an old M-Audio controller that would randomly send CC07 (Volume) messages as the fader was dirty/rarely used.

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Thank you @Martin.Jirsak, @grz and @skijumptoes! Your input helped me find issues with my keyboard, which indeed on random sent out MIDI CC data (misfire), and after troubleshooting and trying to solve it without success I decided to get a new one which indeed works fine. Thanks a lot, your help was really appreciated.

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