VSTi Manager ?

Hi guys,
I’m running Cubase 7.5 and with years the amount of VSTi and libraries are growing up. As always happen in this case is that some of these VST are getting older becoming unstable or incompatible and usually them causes crushes, losing the entire process of work.

On Mac there is a tiny app called “AudioUnit Manager” through which I can On or Off the AU plugins installed on the machine. I wonder know if there is something on PC (I’m running Win 7 x64) that can easily find the corrupted/instable or obsolete VST plugin, before running Cubase and stumble in unexpected crush.

Unfortunately, “Plug-In Informations” into Cubase doesn’t show if some .dll can’t work or is incompatible with it. Well I know that some error messages are shown up whe C7.5 is loading but is boring write down on paper which are them (I’m lazy and I repeat to close popups hitting OK :slight_smile: ).

There is a thirdy part utility who can help me in this kind of issues?
Thanks for all your suggestions!