VSTi (multi-out) render in place / Link midi channel to output

When using vsti that have multiple output, like Kontakt, Omnisphere, Halion, Falcon, etc… In fact all the multi-instrument tools.
It’s getting problematic when activate few outputs of the vsti especially when each instruments have their own midi channel.

I did a example with 3 instruments in Halion, all instruments have their dedicate output.
Midi channel 1 = Out Master (1)
Midi channel 2 = Out 2
Midi channel 3 = Out 3

If i’am using render in place, each midi channel will render all the activated outputs.
So for 1 instrument i will have 3 rendered track instead of 1, it’s a lot of rendering for nothing.
At the end for the 3 instruments i will have 9 rendered track instead of 3. (i did a picture of the final result)

This example is only with 3 activated output. Usually it can be more activated outputs.
In those cases i don’t have choice, i can only use the export audio and by-passing the effect of all the activated track audio or move them (insert fx) in separate group track while exporting, in both situation (rip or export-audio) i mess up with extra process.

Render in place is a quick way to render some events selections so easily that it let me concentrate on music, maybe a macro would do the job, but i didn’t took the time to build one.

Maybe Steinberg is working on it or maybe actually it’s not possible to change this behavior with render in place on multiple output vsti ?
Maybe an extra option to link the midi channel to the activated output could be nice.