VSTI not loaded correctly after 'many' tracks - CUBASE ELEMENTS 11

VST used in this case :
Neural DSP - Archetype: Plini

Steps to reproduce :

  1. Start a new project
  2. Insert Audio Track
  3. Put VST to insert section (things still normal here)
  4. Doing a lot of record with many tracks (30)
  5. Open the VST again
  6. VST not responding, still producing the ‘right’ sound. But, it’s not clickable.

I already tried to close and open project, remove and reinsert VST. After reinstalling VST, it was worked again for the first time i inserted VST, but after reopen project, VST become not responding again.

Actually similar issues happened to different VSTs on different tracks.

Cubase Element 11.0.10

Windows 10 Pro
Core i7 6700
GTX 1070Ti
Cubase Installed on Samsung NVMe 250GB
Project File on Samsung SSD 250GB
Steinberg UR12

Hi and welcome,

Is it reproducible with any instrument or only one specific? Is it reproducible at any project?