VSTI Not Showing + Newbie in Panic


Just got Cubase9. Had no idea it would be a rough move… But anyhow, the problem is;

I thought the old-fashioned way of dropping dll files in Cubase9’s Vstplugins folder would work just fine, but it’s not working. I did run through the update on Plugin Manager. The plugins show up there. (image attached)

But when I want to add them as an instrument track, I cannot find them. Add Instruments only shows bundle vstis.

I’m trying to access my Omnisphere2… which is HEAVY and it would be best if I can skip reinstalling all over again.

It’s my first time using a software when it’s freshly out so…

-Is it safe to begin new projects now??? Some topics in the forum say that Cubase is not stable yet.
-Also, about saved projects, will they be affected later on when I keep up with the updates? I don’t update my softwares cause I don’t want any mishaps to files.

Bottom line: help me. I had been toying around with a dinosaur installed in a second hand pc so I’m going through a Flinstone meets Jetson moment. Any other stuff I should watch out are too, welcome.


Hi and welcome,

In the Add Instrument Track window, click to the browse button. The Browser will close. Now, you can select Omnisphere from the Instruments list in the middle of the window.

This Browser shows just a list of sounds from MediaBay (internal Cubase sounds).

Sorry for the late reply! Thanks I got it solved. The Browser was really confusing…

You can also use the instruments rack. From the devices menu or simply press F11. For some reason I prefer that over tracks. Probably habit, the rack was there before instrument tracks.