VSTi out of sync by selecting track

I’m experiencing very annoying behavior from Cubase (10.5.12 but also previous versions). When I have Groove agent (latest version) track and some other VSTi track where both are fed by MIDI note events (sequences) then when I change track focus ( up/down arrows or clicking mouse on different track. Result of this is very often out of sync Groove agent sequence for few beats. Sometimes there is some sync glitch also in other VSTi but in GA5 its very annoying. I think that it was there in older versions, and maybe I had different workflow so it wasn’t so noticeable, but now its really distracting.
I think that sometimes it happens also for steinberg VSTi which has internal sequencer (Retrologue etc)

Is it normal behavior or is there a way how to avoid it by some preferences?

If the track gets record enabled, the track/VSTi is going to a physical core and additional buffer added by ASIO-Guard is disabled.
In preferences you can set if selected track automatically gets record enabled.
It is ON by default.

OK, thanks, it seems that turning off asio guard is also way how to solve it. In case that someone wants to find exact preference settings, can be found here: Record Enabling Tracks on Selection