VSTi outputs that are not activated


Not the first time I mention this issue to Steinberg…

In a VSTinstrument I can choose another VSTi output in the VSTinstrument mixer, though the output isn’t activated. Of course, then, you get no sound.
In my opinion VSTi outputs in the VSTinstrument mixer should be ‘greyed out’ if the output isn’t activated first in the multiple output option of the VSTinstrument.
Can you please take care of this in Cubase 9?

I show this ‘mistake’ to all my Cubase course customers, so they do not make the mistake and choose another output in the mixer that hasn’t been activated by them first. But unfortunattely you can not recognize which output is activated and which is not. So the inactive outputs should be ‘greyed out’ in the pulldown menu of the outputs in the VSTinstrument.

Kind Regards,
Arno Rijpma
The Netherlands