VSTi panel: change "e" button to a piano button

The button “e” has conflicting functions. In tracks, it opens the settings (e.g. effects). In the right VSTi panel, “e” brings up the VSTi, which is usually done in the tracks section by clicking the mini piano symbol. Please replace “e” with the mini piano symbol in the right VSTi panel.

See the attached image for depiction.


Every long time user recognises that Cubase has developed hundreds of UI inconsistencies.


Keep in mind that when all these inconsistencies are resolved the universe will cease to exist.

+1 also. It’s often difficult, in several places, to figure what the ‘e’ button is actually related to : a workflow annoyance.

Speaking as a physics major… I think I’m willing to throw caution to the winds on that one. :slight_smile:


I often hesitate before clicking because of this problem.

e means “edit”

edit a channel or edit an instrument