VSTi Playback of MIDI Track CC in Cubase Pro 12

Hi all,

A friend recorded an organ track in Pro Tools and exported the MIDI parts. I’ve imported those MIDI parts into Cubase Pro 12. In his MIDI file, controller 64 (sustain) was used to control the speed of a rotary speaker. It does not appear that the Arturia B-3 V2 VSTi plugin is recognizing this controller from the track’s CC information, even if I set the Rotary Speaker Slow/Fast parameter in the plugin to CC 64 on the correct MIDI channel.

I have already reached out to Arturia and Steinberg for their input, but I’m assuming I’ll need to map something in Cubase to have CC controller information recognized from the track. I thought it would be fairly straightforward, but it is clearly not.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

It is actually straightforward. If CC64 data is in the part then Cubase will send it to the plugin.
Make sure it is really CC64 that is used (menu MIDI → List editor).
In the plugin you need to assign the CC64 to the desired effect.
Additionally you must hope it works in the same way as the original plugin (another organ plugin?), ie. a low CC value means slow on both plugins. In case all values are upside down you can use the Logical Editor to switch them:


I appreciate your input. I am currently waiting for Arturia to reproduce the problem. The controller definitely shows up in the List Editor, and I can see the data, but it doesn’t trigger anything in the plugin. The notes play, but not the controller information. B-3 V2’s speaker speed setting is already setup for CC64.

I have a workaround. I tried creating a new MIDI file in an empty project with the B-3 V2 plugin. My KeyLab 88 has a Studiologic VFP3 connected to it, so I tried to use the plugin’s Learn feature for the CC controller using the assigned sustain pedal from the VFP3. The plugin did not recognize MIDI activity, even though the sustain pedal data (CC 64) was recorded as part of the MIDI file.

Since CC 1 was the default controller for the speaker’s speed setting in the plugin, I used the Logical Editor to transform all CC 64 data to CC 1. Playback was successful at that point, and the problem has been resolved.