VSTi routing messed after reopening projects

The problem appears in two different projects. The only connection between them is that routing leads to Addictive Drums 2. In first projects via direct vsti output, in second thru midi sends. My first vsti slot in both projects is Kontakt, the second one is AD2. After reopening project the routing changes to Kontakt, while initially it should lead to AD2. Have to change it every time I start working with these projects. Any ideas?

Cubase 10.0.60
Windows 10


Do I understand you right, you are using MIDI Tracks routed to the VSTi? When you switch between these two projects, the track’s MIDI Output changes?

Maybe a video screen would help here.

Hi, here’s video. Sorry for the sound


OK, now I understand. This is already reported issue.

Thank you

So, when should I expect an update, which will solve this problem?


Cubase 10.0 is not in the development anymore.

But if I’m not mistaken, it has been fixed in Cubase 11.

Thank you for your reply. I thought, Steinberg supports old versions till it will be anounced, like they recently did for some products


It is still supported, but there are no updates anymore. So there couldn’t be fix in the version.