VSTi sidechain input


Why is vst3 side chain input on instruments missing ?
This has never worked since cubase 4 and has been a feature request ever since. Now the sidechain button isn’t showing at all.

Will this get fixed one day ?


You’re saying it worked before Cubase 4? So its broken functionality and not a FR.
Could you describe where said button is/was to be found on any given VST3 instrument?

It has never worked, because before cubase 4 there wasn’t VST3.

Sidechain input is part of the VST3 specification, but has never been implemented on cubase for instruments.

There is a link about that and a steinberg statement, 5 years ago : http://www.infekted.org/virus/showthread.php?t=31437

You are not alone in wanting this feature since Cubase 4. I guess all owners of Virus TI wants this.
But it is probably never gonna happen in Cubase. :frowning:

In the mean time you can use the Virus TI as an Insert FX - but with the MAJOR drawback that you will loose the possibility to use the Virus as an Instrument at the same time. You will not be able to use all the 3 outputs and 16 channels of the Virus…

All the other big (and small) DAWs has this feature though.

Maybe we could have a comment from the Steinberg folks on this? (“Pretty please, with sugar on top?”) :wink:

Seeing that this has been “on the plate” for a while, any information, good or bad, is better than no words at all.

Imagine HALion with the VSTi sidechain input, a realtime audio oscillator, or even better an audio input buffer being the actual (grain) sample source. Now that is something worth dreaming about. :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought it rather strange that steinberg makes a VSTi specification and then fails to implement it properly in it’s own products… why?

I own a virus…

Perhaps they have a lot on their plate, and the priority rule is in the way. :slight_smile:

Perhaps because VST3 hasn’t been as well received and picked up by 3rd parties as had been hoped, and the further development of the spec has been put on hold. Perhaps it will be revamped in a more palatable form (by other SW vendors) and we’ll see a VST4 introduced.

Absolutely could be!