VSTi sound disappears after pressing "Stop" on US428

When I have a non-sampler VST instrument or midi track assigned to a VST non-sampler instrument armed to record I press the “Stop” button on my US426 after recording and the VST instrument no longer produces sound whether played live or in playback. If I change the VST instruments patch it will produce sound again.

Additionally if I press and hold the “Stop” or “Play” button after the instrument quits producing sound it will once again produce sound for as long as I hold the button down; as soon as I release either of these two buttons it stops producing sound.

This does not happen with any of my samplers: Kontakt, Battery, Superior Drummer, and only happens when a track is armed. Once the performance is recorded and the track disarmed I can start and stop playback with no issues.

Two not so graceful workarounds that sort of negate the whole control surface thing requires me to either disarm the track using the keyboard shortcut “R” prior to pressing “Stop” while still recording then pressing “Locate” on the Tascam to return to my start location or pressing the “Spacebar” on the keyboard to quit recording then the “Locate” butting on the Tascam to return to my start location.

I’ve had the Tascam for over ten years and not had an issue like. I’ve had plenty of other issues that had to be resolved early on but none like this.