VSTi timing problem recording against audio track

Having changed my PC and got everything loaded onto the new one I have a new problem. I am recording Addictive Drums whilst playing back an audio track. When I play back the recording the drums start half a second after the music. It worked ok on my old PC. I am using IO2 on an XP sp3 PC and CubaseLE4 and the IO2 asio driver. Latency when playing along with the track is fine.
Has anyone any Ideas?
Thanks, Peter

The io2 doesn’t come with a dedicated ASIO driver, the recommended driver is the ASIO4ALL generic driver, you should install that and have it selected in Cubase.

The monitor mix knob on the io2 goes from Direct, input monitoring (zero latency) to USB, Computer monitoring (some latency)

When using the correct ASIO4ALL driver you should not be getting 500ms latency.

Also try setting the “use system timestamp” found in Device setup somewhere!

Thanks for the reply. The io2 no longer comes with a driver but there was one on the CD which came with mine last winter. Maybe they stopped it because of problems! (the mike / guitar i/ps don’t work either)
I find that for playing along with the audio for practice the latency is lower with the io2 driver than with the Asio4All driver.

I’ll try what you suggest…


From the horses mouth.

Referring to the ASIO4ALL driver.

This Alesis audio interface is a plug-and-play device, which means that no additional drivers need to be installed to use it with your computer. If you use ASIO compatible audio software on your Windows PC, this optional ASIO driver can be used to offer additional configuration options such as latency and buffer adjustments.

Any ASIO driver you saw in Cubase was installed with Cubase and are generic ones that will give you high latency.

I agree, that is what it says now but then it said install the driver before plugging in the IO2.

Alesis installation notes, June 10, 2008

This installation requires Windows XP (or later). Earlier operating systems are not supported.

Windows XP users MUST have Service Pack 2 (or later) installed. The driver installer will not function properly without this Service Pack installed.

Minimum system requirements:

PowerMac G4 450MHz
256 MB RAM
OS X version 10.3 or higher
1 GB free hard drive space

Intel Pentium III or equivalent (AMD K7/Athlon), 500 MHz
256 MB RAM
Windows XP with Service Pack 2
1 GB free hard disk space

Is the note which came with the driver on the Alesis CD which came with my IO2

I’m going to try the Asio4All…

It was just me being stupid - as usual. Tried everything in the setup VST connections etc etc and I had left the monitor switched on on the channel. You have to gave it on to practise but when you click on the channel record button you don’t need it and it causes a delay!

Thanks for the help anyway,


The correct driver is the ASIO4ALL