VSTI to audio?

This is a call out to you experts out there. I have routed 8 groups from GA5 to 8 channels in the Cubase mixer (Cubase 10). Kicks on one channel, snares on another etc. Now I want to print these to 8 separate audio tracks. Is it possible(?) and if so, what is the best way to go about it?

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Use Render in Place.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding but that option is not available since the mixer channel tracks don’t contain any data, they are just routed from the GA5 mixer.

I’m pretty new to Cubase, but i’d create 8 audio tracks with the inputs set as the 8 channels that GA5 is routed too, then record. (Don’t live monitor them tho as it will double the output)

mixdown multiple channels, select “import into project”


Select the MIDI Part event and Render in Place. Thanks to the fact that multiple outputs are used for the Instrument track, multiple Audio tracks will be created (every single one for every single Audio Return Bus).


Yes, this is possible. Of course, you have to make sure that the output of the Record Enabled Audio tracks is not the same as the output of the GA5 Return Audio Channels.

The biggest disadvantage is that it takes time. It’s done in real-time. Render in Place is much faster.


This works. But you have to setup the Locators, change the settings in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog, then you have to take care to set it back for the final Mixdown…

Render in Place does it internally.

That’s interesting, so will the created audio tracks be rendered WITH the bus processing too? i.e. if there’s comp/eq on the busses.

Logically, i’d expect it to render the seperate audio tracks based on the output of the VSTi only (i.e. the signals being sent to the busses). But i’m currently learning such intricacies of Cubase, so this is an interesting feature, although somewhat different to how i’d expect it to work.


You can decide:

  • Dry (Transfer Channel Settings)
  • Channel Settings: The Comp/EQs, Inserts will be rendered.
  • Complete Signal Path: Even the Sends are rendered into the file.
  • Complete Signal Path + Master FX: Even the Master Inser FXs, Comp, EQ is rendered.

See more details here.

Wow, that’s fantastic, i’m sure the OP will appreciate that also. I’m really impressed with these features Cubase offers and glad i read this thread too - many thanks!

Thanks a lot Martin! :slight_smile: