VSTi track assignment problem

I have just started using Cubase LE5 and made a few songs (projects) consisting of 8 instrument tracks using Synth1 (preset sounds from soundbanks I downloaded).
All going well, but then one day when I opened a project I found that all the tracks had different instrument sounds assigned, so the song was completely jumbled, e.g. string preset sound replacing the bass preset sound. I closed Cubase and rebooted, but it seems that the changes are permanent and have occurred in all projects - including one I haven’t even opened for a few weeks. I changed all the sounds back to the way I had it in the original track configuration and saved the projects, but the same thing happened again when I re-opened Cubase.
Any ideas as to what the problem could be … it is really annoying!



Sounds like you somehow recorded some program changes at the start of each bar, that changes the instrument assignments? Open a midi part that changes instrument in the list editor and see if you can find the program changes.

Thanks for the reply - I opened the list editor for various midi parts (on tracks that have changed instrument) and all I see is the list of notes … no other entries. What would program changes look like ?
I have noticed that each time I have corrected the track instruments and resaved, next time different instruments are on the track (i.e. a different one each time - seems random between soundbanks?)



Hmm, weird. I have never used Synth1, but for the sake of testing, can you try it with a standard Steinberg VSTi?
I’m guessing your Cubase came with some iteration of HalionOne or something similar. See if the same thing happens there.