Vsti's audio stops working

I am having an issue with Vsti’s in larger sessions where the audio just stops working. No sound. I originally thought it was an issue with diva because it happens often with that plugin, but I’ve had it happen with a few different plugins from a few different companies, so it seems like its a nuendo issue. Has anyone else run into this? Same thing happens whether the vsti is loaded in the instrument panel or as an instrument track. Only way I can get it back is to delete the instrument track and make a new one.


Did you try to set your Buffer Size larger?

Buffer is at 1024 samples. It happens at all buffer sizes.

What audio interface do you use?

What about ASIO and disc overload? How does it look?

Rme fireface 800. It doesn’t seem to be a disc access or Asio issue. This problem accurs with only a few vsti’s Notably diva, corona, and cyclop. Everything else is fine…and continues to work fine in the same session.

Thanks for the help.

This is fantastic sound card with great drivers!

Are your VSTi’s up-to-date?

Are you using 32-bit or 64-bit Cubase? Can you switch it to the second (non-used) version?

What about some demo versions of software or cracks (sorry for this, I’m from the country, where are lots of cracks…)? Is there any?

Sorry, I have no more idea, now.

hi david

could it be as simple as the vsti running out of ram headroom? stick your system specs in your signature. it makes it far easier to suggest a fx.

I have the same issues with Diva on occasion. much less now with v1.1 then with 1.0. A restart of Nuendo always sorts it out, I think Max might be right about the Ram suggestion

thanks guys. my system is an 980x i7 with 12 gbs of ram. running windows 64 bit and nuendo 64 bit. 2 uad 2 quad cards as well. nuendo 5.5.3. definitely running the latest version of diva as well.

the ram theory seems plausible, but i just opened up a session where diva is mute. looking in task manager the total ram usage is about 4.5 gb. and nuendo is using just over 2gb of ram. seems like i have plenty of available ram.

btw… restarting nuendo unfortunately doesn’t solve the problem for me. i have one session that i can open which always exhiits this behavior.

there are a couple of threads on the kvr forums which describe precisely this issue:


silhouette wrote:
Often on first selecting Diva as a VST instrument there is no sound. If I delete from the VST rack and then reselect Diva, cancel the create new track then insert into the track I have previously loaded Diva then has sound.
However, if I load a new VST track Diva has no sound.
If I save a project close down, then re-open Diva has no sound. I have to remember the preset and reload Diva and reinsert into the track.

Would you send me an email to clemens AT u-he com ? We might have a new build for you that fixes this

i’d drop clemens an email and see if he can help.

Thanks…I’ve read that quote a number of times and can’t exactly figure out his workaround. Anyway…I contacted u-he support weeks ago, they have sent the latest build but it (at least for me) doesn’t resolve the issue. The other thing is I am getting the same disappearing audio on a few different vsti’s which is making me think it might be a nuendo/cubase issue.

Task Manager doesn’t tell you the full story. You need Process Explorer and view “Virtual Size” http://steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=76&t=23074#p147196

ok… i downloaded process explorer. virtual memory of that nuendo session is 3 gb. does that tell me anything? says i have about 7 gigs of available ram when that session is open.

Apologies - I didn’t see you were running Nuendo 64bit so this should not be an issue at all.