VSTi's dropping out when frozen

Hey all,

My first post here in the forum, but I’ve been a Cubase user since SX. I am now on Cubase 5 (w/latest update) and will likely be moving to 6 after I finish up a project or two.

The problem that I am having is that Cubase occasionally drops several of my frozen tracks during playback and mixdown until I unfreeze them. I tend to do most everything in the box, so I run multiple guitar, bass, and key VSTi’s, as well as drum samples, etc… that all get frozen to keep CPU usage down. Every now and then a few of the tracks will just drop out either from the beginning of the track, or part way through like someone just hit the track mute until I unfreeze them. If I bypass the instrument on the individual channel the raw track audio is there, but drops again once I turn the instrument back on. Most times I can just refreeze them and they’re back fine, but it eats up a lot of recording and mixing time to have to unfreeze/refreeze and hope it works.

Has anyone else ran into this and are there any fixes?

I am on a Macbook Pro Intel 2.5ghz with 6gb of ram and twin 500gb 7200 rpm drives. One for apps, one for samples.