VSTi's showing up WITHOUT SOUNDS or menus!

I’m using N4.3. I usually use my MIDI rack for most of my virtual instruments. But I’ve gotten into the habit of “sketching” with the onboard VSTi’s in Nuendo.

Recently and only intermitently, all of the VSTi’s have started opening as “hollow shells.” I go the the VSTi menu and open Halion, for instance. Halion opens, but when you open the patch menu to select an instrument, IT’S COMPLETELY EMPTY! It’s like only half of the program loaded. The only way to correct this is to completely re-boot Nuendo. :confused:

The first time It happened, I chalked it up to some kind of fluke. But this has happened several times now and it’s getting really annoying. Is there something that I need to adjust somewhere to stop this “hit ot miss” cycle of having the instruments load properly each and every time I open Nuendo? Has anyone else ever had this problem?


The only time I’ve seen that kind of behaviour is when I’ve reached the limit of usable RAM in my setup.

You don’t give any system info here which makes it more difficult try and figure out your problem.