VSTL 2.03 : MIDI list editor sorting logic

Drew 3 notes (C E G, wow how creative !) in the lower zone of a midi track.
All notes with same start position and duration.
In the list editor, Notes ON appear in the order of my input and by ascending note number.
But Notes OFF appear in descending note number.
Got caught when willing to edit the length of the G by entering a new value for the Note OFF position : went instinctively to the 3rd note OFF event, and it was actually the C.
Would it make sense to keep the notes off messages sorted by ascending note number (for all notes starting at the same position) ?

Also, added (+ from List editor) a PC and a CC and the list editor doesn’t show the events in a hierarchical (message types) and chronological order.
It would be nice to keep a hierrchy (e.g. always Notes ON first, then Notes ON, then PC, then CC), + chronological order.
Cherry on the cake will be filter / sort by any column header (position, channel etc) …