VSTLive does not open Solid State Logic Asio driver

In our band I want to use the SSL2+ audio interface to connect my laptop to the main mixer. VSTLive recognizes the Asio driver of Sold State Logic but does not open it.

Any idea how to use ist? “Asio4all” works perfectly, but not with the SSL2+ audio interface.

Best regards

Are there any messages, or what exactly happens (not)?
And do you have the latest ASIO driver, I guess here https://s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/eu1.download.solidstatelogic.com/SolidStateLogic_UsbAudio_v5.30.0.10_2022-03-22_setup.exe

Yes, I downloaded the latest driver fromSSL’s website which is identic to the one you linekd to. The message says: “The audio driver cannot be opened”.

I have included a screenshot, showing that VSTLive recognizes the driver in the selection menue. and a seccond screenshot showing the message after selecting the SSL driver.

We will need to get hold of such interface to analyse it. Does it work well with other audio software?

I need to check that. My band mate uses SSL2+ and he has no issues. with that driver

Thank you. When done pls. let us know your Windows version and band mates Windows version too.