VSTLive - Missing features in communication with hardware contollers

Hi, I would like a way to transmit text (e.g. layer names, song names,…) to an external hardware controller (e.g… via SYSEX messages).
I built an 8-channel controller that has, among other things, a motorized fader, an OLED display and a button for each channel. This way I can optimally control a performance with complex sound constellations. I’m currently using it to control my GIGPerformer setup, but I would like to switch to VSTLive with its powerful functions if it had the option of text transmission.

You could create a MIDI track, double click to create a MIDI event, then “Edit/MIDI LIst Editor” and insert sysex messages.

Thanks for the reply. However, generating a SYSEX message with the desired information by hand every time is very time-consuming, error-prone and cumbersome. It would be nice if VSTLive would automatically generate corresponding messages for layer and song names, or - like GIGPerformer - implement a script environment with which you can program such functions.