VSTMultiPanner wrongly appears on 5.1 то 5.1 connection

After one of the updates of Cubase 9.5 pro I discovered that VST MultiPanner is wrongly placed on all my 5.1 channels, groups and also on the main 5.1 out no matter if there’s channel conversion or not.

For example: my MAIN 5.1 OUT is connected straight to 6 channel on my RME-FF interface but the channel panning is VST MultiPanner. Also all my 5.1 group channels which are output connected only to the main 5.1 out also have VST MultiPanner.

Another very weird thing is in the above examples the VST MultiPanner is functioning as a stereo to 5.1 connection.

Is this a new feature or is it some new option in settings? How can I fix/remove these wrong MultiPanner?
I would really appreciate any info or help!
Thank you.

PS. When opening older projects 5.1 (or template) there is no such an issue the 5.1 to 5.1 connections are without a panner. But if I create a new 5.1 channel or group again VST MultiPanner appear for panning no matter the connections.

Any ideas? Steinberg?