vstpreset issues


I saved vstpresets from my VST plugins in Cubase 5, they show and work on recall.
I did the same with Cubase 6 and still works. But my vstpresets created with Cubase 5 don’t appear in Cubase 6 for the same plugin.

Is it because I’ve created my vstpreset with the 32bit version of my plugin under Cubase 5 32 bit and try to recall the vstpreset with Cubase 6 64 bit for the same plugin loaded in 64bit?
I also tried to add “_64” to the plugin name and edited the name within the vstpreset file like they are saved when they are created with Cubase 6 64bit but it still doesn’t work.

Also how to save all your presets in the mediabay in one click? Every time I do a backup of my presets, I have to check 10 different folders. It would be so much easier if everything was saved with subfolders under ONE main folder.

Thanks for your help.

all the vstpresets that you create are saved in : c/user/my document/VST3 Presets
when you save a preset you must have only the plugin folder show in the save function

Thanks for your reply Home Studio 87.

Yes I have my vstpresets in C:user/documents/VST3 but I also have other ones saved in some hidden folders in appdata/roaming/etc…

And mainly I still can’t open my vstpresets created in CUbase 5 within Cubase 6 :frowning:

put all your preset in c/document/…