vstpreset : managing VST'S normal, automap and jbridged

Dear All,

Is there a simple way to manage VSTs in a simple and vstpreset (normal, automap, jbridge) ?

At this time, i tried to convert some fxp to vstpreset. Usually i use only automapped VSTs, but i tried automapped VST2, and nomal VST3 …vstpreset are not compatible.

I was happy to manage all my presets from the mediabay … but it seems it the not the ultimate solution to manage presets …

i have read some workaround using a “preset manager” to deal with jbridge, automap VST …but by the time does i guess/hope there is some evolution for this “issue”.
i also tried to make folder link from automapped folder to normal one, edited the embeded xml into the vstpreset but it failed …

Do you have a simple and reliable way to link vst presets to a vst ? :mrgreen: