.vstpreset to .fxp?

I want to play songs composed in cubase live with ableton live, in the good old days I could export the vst synths as .fxp, and open them with literally any daw i ever came across, this was useful, but now it appears i am only allowed to save presets as .vstpreset wich only cubase can read.

any solution to this? or any way of converting from vstpreset to fxp?`or do i need to take pictures of the gui and reprogram them in ableton (in 2013, come on)

help much appreciated!

YES! i agree wtf cubase? please DO NOT monopolize the presets!

I feel the same shame, guys… :imp:

here´s a nice solution to convert vstpreset to the old standard fxp format:



hey sweet thank you

nice one, cheers!

(what a pity that we Macsters are left out in the cold… but what a great contribution for PC users! :wink: )

Centralmusic, thanks for the link.