VSTs and FX, Multiple sounds in one or more flows

Hey to All,

I’d like to open a topic about VSTs, sounds and ask about your experience around workflows for similar situtations:

I’m working on an electronic album, which I write in a project & all single titles within flows - In the end, there will definitely be a phase, where I have to work in a DAW, but until then, I’d like to work out most of the rough sound design decisions within Dorico, because I like to have the composing and sound design as a fluent process (on of my main reasons to go with dorico, actually).

Now from context to some questions:

  1. When working with the same VST but different sounds from Flow to Flow (or even within) - do you load several instances of the same VST within the VST-Rack? And then have several Synths as Instrument of the same player for example?

  2. Or do you work with CC-Automation and prepare the preset changes this way? (2b) On this occurance - is it possible to work with N/RPN through Dorico?)

  3. Same questions regarding Effects and different settings

  4. Same for external instruments

  5. Do you know examples of writing in FX-Changes within the score and linked to the CC-Automation?

  6. I’m thinking of solving some more complex sounddesigns within Max MSP and linking that over CC - any experiences in including Max Patches into the workflow of Dorico?

Feel free to just answer one of those questions, I’m hoping on different experiences and ideas to talk/discuss about !

And thanks in advance for any of your time!

Also, there is this thread:
Multiple sounds on one instrument. ,which is one possible solution, for a bit different problem - thinking of Scores that are going to be played in a live-electronic setting, I like the idea of having a soundchange included right away, when I take it as an instrumentchange for the individual player for instance.

I posted this…

… on the VSL forum a couple of weeks ago, and have had no responses.

I use Vienna Ensemble Pro to manage project audio. It makes it easier (though not easy) to move between Dorico & Cubase. As for patch/program change, I’ve never been a fan – always found it hard to find and then edit the command instance after working on a project for a while. So yes, I prefer to have multiple instances of the VST set up in VEPro, if I’m using different setups in different places.