VST's are there but lost routing (I think)

Ok, I’m sure I’m an idiot but I just installed several Waves Chris Lord Algae VST’s. I open up a project in Cubase 7.5 both using one of the templates (like distortion guitar & vocal) or the empty one. The new VST’s show up but I can not use them. I’m using MR816CSX and think there’s something about setting it to external effects or something in the config menu but for the life of me I can’t remember. Roomworks SE is preset in one of the projects and it works fine but if I try to add CLA Guitars plug-in its like its not being routed thru it. The UI shows up but no signal. What am I overlooking? In fact it seems like even VST Amp Rack is non-functional too. No idea what I’ve done.


MR816CSX is used as an External FX for a few plug-it’s only. Roomworks, VST Amp Rack is not definitely one of them. So the issue is different.

Isn’t your whole Inserts section Bypassed?

Don’t you Constrain the Delay Compensation (orange button in the Project window in the left-top corner)?