VST's do not display in cubase


Hopefully one of you kind people can shed some light on this. I have purchased “Nashville” & Euphoric Trance from the Steinberg store. Have gone through the activation process and they now show up in my license manager. However, they do not show in Cubase 12. I cannot find them, so I cannot use them. Has anyone come across this before? I purchased Absolute 5 last year and looking through my VST panel, It looks as though only a fraction of those are accessible in cubase.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Nahville is a kit (actually an agent) for the plugin Groove Agent (SE). You should find it there.
Euphoric Trance is a sound collection? So this should be found through Media Bay. You might have to re-scan your disk for the files to appear.

You can check in the app “Steinberg Library Manager” if the products were installed successfully.