VST's Editors not Displaying


Cubase 10.0.20. PC- RME Madiface, MOTU 128.

VSTi’s are loading fine as an instrument, but I cannot see the instruments’ editor. Sometime they appear and other times not so. Click on the editor symbol in various places and nothing happens even though the window focus changes.

This as completely stopped my work and in desperate need of support.




Check the Window menu, please? Is the VSTi Editor window mentioned here? If yes, the window exists and it just hidden somewhere. It could be hidden behind some other window or it could be hidden behind the screen border.

The window doesn’t exist in window menu link at the bottom. All the other windows for Cubase are shown there, other than the vsti.


Is it any specific VSTi or any?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

It is any instrument, none specific. Kontakt 5, The Grand 3 are amongst ones.

I will try in safe mode and come back to you,

Thanks for this.

Keep in mind that if the Window is set to “Always on Top” it will NOT have a button on the Windows Taskbar. Taskbar buttons are only shown for Windows with that setting off.