Vsts go silent when exiting piano roll

Hi all.

Ive had this problem for the last few years. Im at my wits end with it now.
I go into piano roll to edit a note.
When i come out of piano window either closing it or bringing any other window into focus the instrument then doesnt make any sound…

The only way i can get the sound back is to insert or delete an audio track then it comes back.

This is incredibly frustrating and adds many many hours to the workflow.

Has anyone come across this and has any suggestions? Id be eternally grateful

Im the only one then i guess.

‘Delete an audio track’ doesn’t really relate to the problem you describe.
If you come out of piano roll is your VST still enabled?

Yes the vst is still enabled. I pop into piano roll to edit a note, switch focus back the arrange, or any other window. Press play and the vst instrument of the midi i was editing does not play back.

The only i can get sound again is by resetting the audio engine or by inserting a new audio track , or deleting an audio track.

I’m still not understanding the relevance of the audio track. Or is this an instrument or midi track?

In your VST Setup do you have Release Driver when Application is in Background ticked? Wondering if it’s related to that, if so.

What OS and Audio Interface are you using? And are you running from the manufacturers driver? (i.e. no driver hacks like ASIO4ALL going on).

Very strange problem - never had this occur, even as a one-off glitch. So, presuming this is a legit version of Cubase that you’re running?

Yes i do have release audio driver ticked. Im still on sierra on a 2013 mac pro, cubase 8.5, i have 9 and 10 bought and installed but keen to finish projects on 8.5 before moving on.

My audio interface is a motu 828x thunderbolt.

As for the relevance of an audio track. When trying to find a way round this problem, ie get the vsti playing back again, i discovered if i reset the audio engine (flick from core audio back to motu) the vsti would play again. I then discoveres that if if i just inserted or deleted any audio track, the vsti would start playing again. So thats what i have to do, which you can imagine is a massive pain in the ass. I open piano roll, move a few notes, then press play and it that vsti doesnt play, so i insert an empty audio track. And then it plays. Massively cumbersome…

Its difficult to track it down to a plug in or certain vsti instance as well, as projects often exceed over 100 tracks and 64 vstis etc an assortment of plug ins(all legit) and some master buss processing.

Thank you guys for the responses btw.