VSTs in VST Connect Performer

Hi all
I had a test run with someone on the other side of the world today, with me using VST Connect Pro (still in trial mode) and the musician using VST Connect Performer the other end. Happy today the connection was a breeze, and the (in this particular case) midi signal came through as expected. However, the musician was unable to use any VSTs to perform with, as no VSTs showed up as options. Does the musician running VST Connect Performer need to have some VSTs installed, either via a DAW or other standalone VST player? If this is the case, then are there any free VST players available that will work with VST Connect Performer?

The musician does has Reason 3.0 on his system, but as this is essentially a DAW, I know that it can run in tandem with Performer - or can it?

Any help on this would be appreciated.

The VST Connect SE or PRO manual is downloadable, it claims you first have to activate plugins to use: click the cogwheel icon and check the VST2 and/or VST3 Manager tab. For VST2 plugins you will have to specify a directory path to indicate where they are loacted. Then, you can select activated plugins on the top left VST Instrument menu. And yes, of course plugins have to be installed on the artist’s computer in order to use them.
Probably no DAW will not go together well with the Performer, because both attempt to access audio and MIDI hardware. There are solutions, some drivers support multi-applications etc, but in general this is not expected to work out of the box.

Thanks again for your help on this series of VST Connect questions. I suspected that VSTs had to be present, although I guess some would say that this renders VST Connect Performer less of a complete and free solution (not that I’m complaining). I guess ultimately it is fair to assume anyone using this software would already have some form of DAW and VST if they’re already working in a musical environment.