VSTs loaded, recognized in list but how to activate/use?

I am a very pleased Cubase LE4 user, having released several CDs with it just using audio in via my Focusrite Saffire 6 USB. However, I wanted to expand on my sound base and try ambient softsynths VSTs via midi and all that.

I downloaded many free ambient softsynths VSTs and followed Steinberg pdf as to where to load the VST2 (*.dlll) files in proper subfolders. Cubase LE4 recognizes them all in the Plug-in Window and they are all checked. But that’s where it ends.

I cannot get then to appear anywhere else as effects or virtual instruments. The VST interfaces just don’t pop up any where for me to alter pre-existing sounds or new sounds coming in. I am not set up for MIDI yet but the cables are on the way. So when I hook up via midi will these VST2 files’ ambient pads, textures, etc. – be available like Steinberg’s VST3 effects pop-up when I need them?

Please help. Many thanks. This softsynth territory is all new to me. :frowning:

ambient space music and royalty-free effects

Did you try the suggestion I mentioned in your other post?


Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks, but I am now beyond all these initial steps. Now when the VSTi loads, makes sounds etc, and I arm a track to record the notes – I see no evidence of data on the track and when I hit stop, the whole track vanishes back to 0.0.00 like I never recorded anything. This is my new quandry.